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An Affordable Blush Pink Sofa Round-up

I love me a pink sofa and whatever you call it: Millennial Pink, blush, etc., it's here to stay. What's great about light pink is that it can bring in color without being scary and plays nice with other colors you may already have in your home. At first glance, it could seem too feminine but if you bring in colors like black, deep greens, mustard yellows, and/or graphic patterns to your space, your home won't turn into a princess palace. Promise.

​Allow me to convince you:

#1 for $1099

#2 for $979

#3 for $929

#4 for $999

#5 for $1450

#6 for $1289 (in royale blush)

#7 for $839

#8 for $999

#9 for $1528

#10 for $1283

#11 for $1359

#12 for $1595 (in blush)

​So what do you think, could you ever do a blush sofa? I know I could!


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