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Christmas Home Tour 2020

I'm so excited to join you here today with my citrus-themed Christmas! This is my first time participating in the #itsacolorfullife tour hosted by Jewel Marlowe and Jennifer Dimples and Tangles a

nd I'm so grateful they thought to include me. If you're coming from Blue Agate Abode, welcome! If you haven't seen Miranda's space yet, make sure you check it out here.

Without further ado, here's our living room all decked out for Christmas!

I'm starting with my tree because I couldn't hold off on showing you. We recently moved to Florida and the pops of citrus are intended to celebrate that. I also love orange with blue and already had a whole LOTTA blue going on so I went with citrus colors knowing it would be fabulous contrasting against the blue. I will list all my sources for the room/tree at the bottom of this post.

I love to remind people that we live in a rental so you can see what's still possible when you don't own your home. Here is a wide shot so you can get a feel for how the dining nook and living area connect. Now, let's walk around :D

Our credenza is painted in Cornflower Blue by Behr. It's a gorgeous color on this vintage piece. I went to Home Depot for two matching plants and saw these orange Bromeliads and HAD to have them for the space. They look so festive with the garland I draped in a "pagoda" style.

Believe it or not, but this room had NO orange, peach or yellow in it just a few weeks ago. I purchased some things that will stay throughout the year (like the lemon topiary and peach blanket) but added in some holiday sparkle and orange-y hues too. Of course, it's not fabulous until there's some Chinoiserie touches so I made sure to amp those up as well: hello baby elephant!

On the entryway wall behind the sofa, I wanted to decorate with something other than traditional art. I found these nutcrackers at Hobby Lobby and Joann's. I had originally thought they would be placed around the room but then got to thinking how neat they would be in a grid pattern on the wall and went for that instead. The grid is more formal but the glossy bright orange feels modern and fresh.

The bamboo bookshelf had a few orange touches added but mostly stayed the same. Also, if you look close, you might see a present from one of our bunnies -- lol! I just now noticed it. Oh well, it's real life!

Now for the details on the tree. I used faux lemons and oranges from Hobby Lobby and added some extra greenery to really pop off the white of the tree. I purchased peach silky wire ribbon and dehydrated orange slices off Etsy for the rest. When it comes to Christmas tree decorating, I usually stand by "more is more" but this year is a good example of knowing when to break a rule. I liked having so much of the white show with just pops of the citrus and wanted to keep it fresh and modern with those jolts of color on the white backdrop of the tree. I tried adding more items and it just detracted too much from the vibrant fruit.

Ruby Stripe sent me the most fabulous wrapping paper. I chose the orange cane and the green pagoda wrap to compliment my decor. I had so much fun wrapping up every box I could find and even used it to cover a few books to tie it all together. I drool when I look at all their wrap online-- it's stunning.

Truth be told, I haven't had time to purchase any gifts yet but most of these boxes are wrapped separate from the lid so I can simply slide off the ribbon, put the gift in and it's ready to go. I have had these sturdy gift boxes for years and they are so handy to use over and over. When Christmas is over I nest them inside of each other and store until the next year.

Our dining nook got some new yellow pillows, a double wreath and some table decor. The pillows were $10 from World Market and I added the white ribbon squares myself. These wreaths were also a steal at $10 each from Target and I added a strand of battery operated lights.

So, there you have it, now we are back to where we started from. I got to thinking about how the lemon and oranges were fitting for such a crappy year. We all know 2020 has been one of the weirdest and hardest years for all of us collectively and as the saying goes: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Except I'm changing it to say: when life gives you lemons, hang them on your tree :D Merry Christmas, ya'll!

Citrus Christmas Sources:

  • White Christmas Tree (similar, mine is from Hobby Lobby a couple years ago)

  • White metallic tree skirt

  • Capiz light-up star topper

  • Faux oranges (I love the vibrancy of these!)

  • Faux lemons

  • Greenery sprigs (I put one of these with every fruit sprig on the tree; 3 come in a bundle)

  • Peach ribbon

  • Dehydrated orange slices

  • Yellow pillows

  • White ribbon for pillows

  • Target wreaths

  • Battery operated lights

  • Peach ginger jar (similar)

  • Faux garland

  • Ruby Stripe cane wrap

  • Ruby Stripe pagoda wrap

  • Orange ribbon (narrow)

  • Orange ribbon (wide)

  • Green wire ribbon

  • Lemon topiary (similar; I purchased mine at Oh Whatever in Tampa)

  • Gold tabletop tree

  • Large wood nutcrackers (most of the stores are out of these so you may have to visit several places in person)

  • Small wood nutcrackers

  • Orange spray paint

  • Green velvet trees

  • Peach blanket

  • Wallpaper

  • Patterned pillows (green leopard, blue chinoiserie, blue palm pillow, malachite, green ink blot)

These links contain affiliate links and I get a small kick-back when you purchase.


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