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Marrying Palm Beach and art deco styles (aka My Take on Miami art deco)

When it comes to making decorating decisions, I have found it's very important to know your style and exactly the type of things that comprise it. After moving, I've decided to take on a subtle shift in style by adding some more Art Deco elements to my spaces. I have always loved Art Deco design but marrying so many things together (regency, boho, modern etc.) can get tricky and Art Deco got left off my radar for awhile because I wasn't sure what to do with that piece of the puzzle.

It wasn't until my Florida friend, Molly, said something about my style being "more Miami" that it clicked. Miami is tropical, modern, bold and art deco. My style is like Miami! After that, I spent a couple hours on Pinterest loo

king up inspiration like this (not all from Miami, btw)...

Lovely bathroom from Restaurant Ours via Claudia Wright

Gorgeous shot of Gale Hotel via Nina Tekwani

The fabulous Plymouth Hotel

I hope after seeing all those images, you will understand how I got to this moodboard. I really think this board is all-encompassing when it comes to my style and will help be a great visual representation when I plan a room so I can stay focused and cohesive-- which I need! A lot of these elements are placeholders but are meant to convey the idea of something I own or could see in my spaces. So let's break it down...

Elements of this style and moodboard:

  • Textures like: velvet, brass, lucite, rattan, marble and burl wood

  • Colors like: deep greens, blush pinks, whites, blacks and light woods/wicker/rattan

  • Patterns like: malachite, palm leaf, dalmation spots, leopard print, marble and stripes

  • Elements indicative of Art Deco design: curved chair, art deco inspired lighting, channel-tufted sofa

  • Sleek and chic pieces indicative of Palm Beach Regency design: lacquered bamboo credenza, tropical plants, campaign chest, palm motifs, stripes, lucite and rattan.

I love Venn diagrams (maybe because they are a visual way to organize things) so while thinking through this style, I really thought of a Venn diagram and how Palm Beach Regency and Art Deco styles overlap. The color-palette of green and pink is something you would see in both, in addition to velvet and brass. But then putting elements of each all together makes a style that is unique and adds layers to my designs by being different than the next guy. I am passionate about combining styles to make your own and not just doing what everyone else is doing (you are unique, afterall!), so what styles do you love and how could you pair them to create your own vibe?


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