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Modern Eclectic Style Map

I recently introduced a new product to my design service line-up. It was born out of necessity and for my own use because my brain was on overload trying to organize all my decorating ideas for our new home. I wanted a visual plan, something I could glance at to help me understand the flow of colors, materials and patterns throughout the entire house. Thus was born the: Style Map.

The Style Map for my own home

It's perfect for the client that knows their style but wants help pulling it all together over the course of an entire home or series of rooms. Recently, I helped a good friend and her family with their new home. The new home was large and modern but this friend's personal style is more retro and bohemian. She wanted to know how to meld the styles together and have it work throughout the whole home.

She was then able to look at my concepts and either purchase the exact items linked on the Style Map OR thrift for something similar at a lower cost and at her own pace.

Style Maps are an affordable way to have a design plan for your whole home. You will get the nuts and bolts to pull your room together and won't have to ask, "Is this right? What about this?". Just glance and go!




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