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One Room Challenge Week 2!

So far my One Room Challenge room is going really well. See my previous post for befores of the space and what my plans include so this all makes sense!

​I've had some wins this week:​

I found someone to reupholster the chair going into the space for a great price and THEN I found gorgeous leopard fabric at Hobby Lobby to cover it on clearance for $8/yard! The other stuff I was seeing was easily $20/yard and I needed 9!

We also got the wallpaper hung on the long wall in the space. I've been wanting to do this for awhile so that was exciting! It's not easy to put up removable wallpaper but it's definitely easier to take off and that's why we chose it.

This photo gives you a little sneak peak of it along with the gorgeous maple bird's eye + white media cabinet I scored a couple weeks ago for under the TV. It's BEAUTIFUL and was a great price. I LOVE that it's a mix of wood and white so the space doesn't have too much warmth with the wood wall adjacent. I was REALLY wanting some burl wood in the space and this is the next best thing; plus the curves on the drawers read very art deco and that's exactly what I was going for.

We still have to hang the TV on the wall and then I have to decide if I want art above it. The wallpaper is busy enough but I do love the idea of hanging this brass fan I saw at a local store over it:

In the middle of hanging the wallpaper, Jared and I went to Hobby Lobby (again!) and got tons of faux greenery for my plant wall. It was 50% off and still cost $300 but I am hoping I can return some in the end. We had fun being weirdos in the plant aisle and Jared enjoyed mocking me. Also, neither of us ever wear all black so I'm not sure what happened that day?!

I'm still trying to decide what ceiling fan color I want to go for. I polled everyone on IG and it seems white and black were 50/50. I nixed my lucite fan idea after someone reminded me how dusty they get and how that would show all the dust (thank you Alix!).

Is it a time to be bold or not to be bold??

In a perfect world, a gorgeous chandy would go over this space, but there is no central air in the cottage (just wall units) and we need the fan for added flow.

I would normally choose the white so you hopefully don't even notice it much ('cause ceiling fan). But the ceilings are tall and I feel like I need something to punctuate it-- especially with so many dark colors (green sofa, black and white rug, leopard chair) on the ground. ​The before shows the entire space again for reference:

Then again, the wood wall draws your eye up so it may be fine. I'll decide as the room comes together more. What do you think?

I am now planning on adding some pretty lighting in another area though. I have a little trick up my sleeve for lighting them that doesn't require hard-wiring so that makes it easy and renter friendly.

I think they pair well with the modern/glam/art deco vibe I am going for.

This coming week I plan to tackle the plant wall and I CANNOT WAIT! Stay tuned because I will show parts of it to you next Thursday. Make sure you check out all the featured designers and guest designers participating in the ORC this week! The talent is unreal.




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