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One room challenge week 3

I'm so excited about the progress I made this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like REALLY excited.

Before I get into that, here's a small recap:

We (husband, three kids and myself) are living in my mom's 700 SF vacation cottage in Florida after moving from Iowa this summer. It's a lonnng story for another day but in a nutshell, my husband quit his 9-5 and we came down here to our favorite place to live free while we grew our businesses into something viable for our family. It's a huge risk that we are still in the middle of but we are SO glad we did it.

My mom has been extremely gracious to let me decorate the cottage even though we plan to only live here about a year-- I figure we will do everything in a way that can be easily put back how she had it and anything I purchase can be used in future homes. I'm starting with the living room since it's the main room in the house. This is the moodboard I have planned for the space:

Last week we put up the wallpaper and showed you in Week 2's post. If you want to read more about my concept head to Week 1's post.

So, now onto this week's progress!! The plant wall is done and the corner chair has been recovered! I can't believe how fast they were both done. The plant wall went up easily and was even fun to do.

I read this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess and mostly followed it. I wanted my plants to completely cover the area so I skipped the astroturf and just stapled green chicken wire to the wall (found at Home Depot). Since it's a wood wall that hides imperfections and we didn't need a ton of staples, I could do that. With a drywall wall, I would probably have had Jared screw wood to the top and bottom of the wall and staple the chicken wire to that. I used green pipe cleaners to attach the plants to the chicken wire just like they did.

The main thing to note is that this isn't cheap. I thought it would be about $250 for the plants but it was double that. And that was with 50% off at Hobby Lobby and a few small trips to Michael's with coupons. Since this is the main focal point of the room, I was OK with that but just keep cost in mind. The area we covered is about 3'W x 9'H at the highest point.

Hobby Lobby has the best plants-- I'm really impressed with the "realness" of the wall, especially once it's all up together. Make sure you purchase a wide variety of colors, and sizes if you want a similar look. I purchased several types that hang down a ways and only plants that you would see in a tropical climate (just my preference).

Now this wall is not done yet as the pièce de résistance is still on it's way to me. It's a custom neon sign that I had made for the space and will show you during the big reveal. Can you guess what it's going to say?! HINT: it's directly referencing my design style and some of the decisions we have made lately. I can't wait to hang that baby up with my planties!

I also have to work on valances for above the windows and smaller styling details to finish off this corner completely.

But I'm guessing you want to see it so far...

Drumroll please...






THE LEOPARD CHAIR!!! I found this baby on Marketplace. It seems to be a Milo Baughman though I couldn't find any labels. It's definitely cool and vintage whatever the origin. Just as a reminder, here is what we started with last week before we took it to the upholsterer:

It was cute already but I really wanted something spectacular with that plant wall and that's what I got! I was so impressed with the quality, price and turnaround time of the upholster we used. If you are local to the Clearwater, Florida area, it was Sunshine Upholstery in Tarpon Spings -- you'll be thrilled with them!

We added legs to the chair because though it was meant to be low and modern, it was not very comfortable to sit in at only 16"H. We added 4" legs and it's perfect now! I planned to bring the upholsterer fringe to go around the base to hide the legs but he was done so fast that I didn't get it to him. I actually don't hate it the way it is but what do you think... black fringe or clear coat the legs?

Here's what we have left to do:

  • Paint the media cabinet (new addition to my list)

  • Construct/hang valances

  • Hang TV

  • Hang sconce lighting above sofa

  • Hang wall art

  • Hang neon sign when it arrives

  • Source and paint bamboo armchair for extra seating

  • Replace ceiling fan with something modern

  • Bring in green sofa from storage

  • Style and photograph!

With this space, I also decided I am going to do our "dining area"-- I'll explain more next week but it's basically a wall that we put a table against. I needed something small that could extend for dinnertime and I think I found the perfect thing. Once I get the table, I'm going to put it together and then decide on the chair situation. Hopefully something bold and state-ment-y. Yes, that's a word :)

As always, make sure to check out the featured designers and the other guest participants and their amazing projects. We are halfway through the One Room Challenge and I think it's time most people are needing some cheerleading!

More soon!




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