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One Room Challenge Week 5!

This is the last week of the One Room Challenge before the big reveal!! For me, this past week has been all about the details and it's so exciting to see the final product come together. Before we get into that, if you want to see my plans and what I have been up to the last few weeks, here are the links:

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 //

This week, I've been finalizing selections of art, pillows, accessories and styling the space. I am still finishing up a few small projects (more valances!) and just generally making everything better (You need fringe and you need fringe!). The most exciting thing I did this week was recover two boring ottomans; they were fine but I wanted to take them up a couple notches. This is what I started with:

And this is what I ended up with! This was my first ever upholstery project so I was proud of myself. It was easier than I thought it might be and these stools were great pieces to start with. I did use a lot of hot glue-- fyi ;) I recovered two of these stools and they will go under a new console table that flips out to be our dining table (small cottage-- big on function).

I had a really hard time finding something that was the right size and look that extended to fit our whole family. For the price, I am very happy with the functionality and quality of this! I have been searching high and low for the perfect accent chair for the space. I was able to snag two of these beautiful vintage bamboo armchairs for a great price! It adds the perfect punch of Palm Beach to round out all the "club" vibes I have going on in here with my neon sign (I AM DYING TO SHOW YOU!).

I've got pillows coming tomorrow from Land of Pillows that are PERFECT for the space. I can't wait to hug them!!!!

And then I have to decide on art and if I'm going to hold out for this incredible mirror. It's my style in a nutshell, but it's not available until early December-- i.e. after the ORC is over (boooohooo!). So, I may track down something thrifted to put in its place for the big reveal and hang this once it comes.

It would hang on the wall with this awesome wallpaper and be flanked by some modern black sconces.

Alright, I'm off to go watch Netflix and finish 2 of 4 cornices. Wish me luck. AND COME BACK NEXT WEEK FOR THE BIG REVEAL! I guarantee you won't have seen a room like this one before ;) Make sure to check out all the featured designers this week and then peruse all the guest designers. Everyone is knocking it out of the park and your support is so encouraging! xoxo, ​Rachel


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