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Our Coastal Grandmother Living Room

We bought this house the summer of 2021 and it was all black and gray inside. I've spent two years now lightening it up and adding in my coastal/Palm Beach/island/grandmillenial style to the space. Yes, I love a lot of styles :)

Since these photos, I have painted the fireplace, installed a new ceiling fan and purchased a vintage credenza for the area by the stairs. I'll take updated photos as soon as I've healed from my broken ankle.

Also, I'll link to some of the sources in this post. A lot of the items are vintage but I'll link when I can.

Coffee table, chairs and sofa are vintage // Fretwork Pillows // Raffia Sconce // Shell Mirror // Orchids

Nearly everything here is vintage.

Chandelier, dining table and chairs are all vintage // The curtains are Target but no longer sold

I adore the abstract painting above the fireplace. It's one of my favorite thrift store finds.

Tulip Table // Chairs are vintage

Bar cart is no longer sold but here's a similar one that I love

I still want to add a rug and maybe a few pops of postmodern or graphic elements. I was planning on doing that this fall but my timeline is a little altered from my ankle fracture so time will tell when that gets done.

Happy Decorating My Friends,



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