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Our Favorite family games

Whether it's a long game of cards, something animated or low-key, it's not a family gathering without a fun game. I rounded up some of our favorite games to play with our kids and with extended family. Playing games together is one of my favorite memories of childhood and adulthood at our family Christmases. My mom and her siblings laughing their heads off, my great-grandma trying to draw on a big white board or someone acting out something before the buzzer went off-- you name it, we've done it

1. Settlers of Catan (one of our son's favorites!)

2. Pictionary (We use a huge whiteboard and dry erase markers, instead of the tiny boards that come with this game. We play with two big groups at my grandpa's Christmas each year.)

3. Password (Best for adults, low-key and brainy but not TOO brainy)

4. Ticket to Ride (Fun and fairly easy, similar to Settlers in concept but easier IMO).

5. Balderdash (SO many funny memories of this but you need to have creative thinkers playing.)

6. Guesstures (What's better than people acting out charades with just a few seconds to do so?)

7. Farkle (Another easy favorite for two oldest.)

8. Quelf (One of the weirdest and funniest games on Earth. Just make sure you are playing with good sports.)

9. Taboo (Great for a large group-- also funny!)

10. Scattegories (We play this with our kids-- fairly easy and fun.)

11. Catchphrase (I'm sure you know this game, similar to Taboo.)

12. Hedbanz (Fun for all ages but esp with littler kids.)

Some of our favorite games aren't on here because they are so simple or need explanation:

Telephone Pictionary (All you need is pen and paper-- I have never laughed so hard as I have with this game. It's like the classic game "telephone" but with drawings :) )

Card games like Shanghai (similar to Phase 10 but harder) and Cribbage (Jared and I play this just the two of us or with his parents).

​I hope you try a new game this year and make some fabulous memories. Let me know how it goes :)




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