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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge week 3

How is it already the end of week three?! Good grief! I can't even believe it. I've decided the One Room Challenge is one of my favorite parts of the year. I love the camaraderie that's built during this time-- it's such a blast!

This week was fairly low-key when it comes to the ORC. We ended up hanging the incredible curtains Spoonflower gifted and I am yet again amazed at the power of window treatments. The room feels taller, more polished and just more beautiful in general.

It will be so fun to reveal this corner of the room to you when it's all done but for now, here's a sneak peak:

If you're curious about the quality of these curtains, they rock. I ordered the "Cypress Cotton Canvas" material and it's thick, structured and deeply saturated in color. I'm thoroughly impressed, yet again. I love to hang my curtains high and it's nice Spoonflower offers them in multiple sizes ready to go: 84", 96" and 108". But remember, if they don't have curtains in the size you need, you can always order the fabric and have them made or make them yourself!! Did I mention, they have velvet??? Yes, any pattern you see can be printed on velvet. You better believe I hit that up and I can't wait to show you :D So here's an updated list of what's been accomplished and what's still waiting to be done:

  1. Hang wallpaper (done)

  2. Paint green credenza blue (done)

  3. Paint accent wall white to match the other walls in the room (done)

  4. Hang curtains (done)

  5. Hang ceiling fan

  6. Recover stools (this weekend)

  7. Spray paint mirror (this weekend)

  8. Recover armchair or thrift new (this is now going to be a slipcover and I'm so excited!)

  9. Thrift dining table, chairs and chandelier

  10. Hang chandelier

  11. Shop for decor (nearly done)

  12. Style and photograph the space

So, the main thing I am having trouble with is finding a white dining table in the dimensions I need (aka small!). I'm hoping I can find a 36" tulip table in the near future on Facebook Marketplace or else I will have to buy new-- boo. I am also looking for a chandelier for over that table (rattan? lucite?) and a console table for by the front door. I'm not having the best luck and with thrift stores being mostly closed it's been a bit of a challenge. Hopefully it all falls into place in the next few weeks! If you see anything amazing in Central FL, let me know! Make sure to check out all of this week's guest and featured designers here to see their progress! xoxo, Rachel

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