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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge Week 4

We are back for another week of ORC updates! I was hoping this week would be super productive with a long weekend but it just wasn't. There are too many things I needed to mull around on before pulling the proverbial gun. It's such a balance to get the right look on a budget and I can't wait around on Facebook Marketplace forever!

Mostly, I have been working on collecting things for decor including some new-to-me blue and white jars. I've never been into these before but seeing how beautiful they can be when used in a Palm Beach or traditional style room has been really inspiring. I tend to lean toward everything being more modern and ginger jars bridge the gap.

Here's me sporting my new collection in front of MY FAVORITE VINTAGE PIECE EVAAAAA. It's the second credenza I had shipped to Iowa from Palm Beach (only to bring it down in a Penske 18 months later-- lol!) and now proudly hangs out in our ORC space.​

Ok, back to the jars. I'm wanting to challenge myself and bring in new things I haven't done before and Chinoiserie is just the obvious next right step in my design progression. I've been inspired over the years by Jennifer and her collections coupled with how fun and un-stuffy her spaces still feel. See below. <insert fire emoji here>

Then, more recently, Michele from Crafting Culture has been so fun to come across! Look at these built-ins!

In other news, I ended up deciding I want to wallpaper another small wall so I need to order two more rolls ASAP. The problem is that Spoonflower is so swamped right now they can't guarantee it will get here in time! I'm really hoping it will or else I might have to bust out my best photoshop skillz - ha! I also made a decision on a table. I wanted to get a cheap one off Marketplace but the size I needed was too specific so I ordered it online. This will go in the corner with all the wallpaper :D

I also purchased this bench to recover in some fabulous VELVET Spoonflower sent me.

You didn't think I would do a room without leopard, did you ;) ​The bench will go against the wall for a more condensed seating area (like a banquette) and then I'm still deciding on two chairs across from the bench. I want to inject rattan into this side of the room but I can't decide where. The chairs, light fixture or mirror?! I'm just going to see how it evolves and hope and pray I have enough time to finish by the deadline! I've thought to myself over and over this challenge that I am so thankful for 2 extra weeks this go-around! On the other side of the room, I am taking a chair that we've had for a long time and partnering with Gina on IG to create a custom slipcover. She specializes in slipcovers and I'm so excited for her to work her magic. At first, I thought I would purchase new chairs but let's be real, this thing is getting expensive and I love this chair so a makeover it is! Here's the chair in it's current state:

And here's an inspiration photo for the slipcover:

I really felt the room needed a heavy dose of white but thought a slipcover would be best for washing purposes (hello, three kids under 10!). I struggled with the color and went back and forth (Will it be too much white? Not enough? What other options do I have?!). Ultimately, I said, "Let's do white and MAKE IT WERK!". With blue welting obvs ;) So all in all, it hasn't been a super exciting week visually but I have made progress on decisions and that's half the battle, right?! I'll keep trucking away while you go and visit all the guest and featured designers over on the ORC blog! Please take the time to encourage/like/comment on their blog and IG posts and have a great week, ya'll! xo, ​Rachel

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