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A Throw-Back to My Most Popular Project-- Our Stock Tank Pool

During the height of COVID-19, when it was HOT in Florida and we couldn't go anywhere for fun, I decided to put in a stock-tank pool at our rental house. It was the perfect project because it was removable once we were done living there and it provided amazing relief from the blazing sun!

Since that time, it still remains the most popular project I've ever done and has been published in HGTV magazine and many blogs. I had no idea it would be such a well-received project!

Scroll to the bottom to see some of the products we used!

Most of the supplies I used back then are no longer in stock, but thankfully, it is much easier to find an 8' stock tank from Tractor Supply than it used to be. I didn't want to go through the trouble of painting it like so many people do, so we wrapped it in spray-painted bamboo (we"ripped" it down the middle to make it 2' H). But seriously, how cute would one of these be wrapped in faux boxwood sheets?? Painting the tank seemed like a nightmare IMO.

You do have to drill a hole and use a pool filter (we researched and got one intended for a regular above ground pool) and chlorinate it (we went with a floating chlorinator-- see above photo). When it wasn't in use, a pool cover from Amazon kept it clean. It's really pretty simple to care for.

Put a cute market umbrella near it, and it will be sure to wow! Ours was such a beautiful oasis in a dingy old rental!



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