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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 7

It's the final week week before the reveal! I can't wait to get this room totally finished and share it with you! It's been a fairly enjoyable ORC due to the extra two weeks along with doing a project in a rental where we are just making decorating changes and not doing large construction projects. Ahhh if only projects were always this easy...

This week, I spray painted a new light I found and Jared hung it over the dining nook table. We hung art and I potted an orchid for the table centerpiece. I am DYING to show it to you but you'll have to wait until next week because it would just be revealing too much.

Here it was from last week before it was finished tho-- just as a refresher ;)

I think you guys are going to LOVE the finishing touches for this space. It takes it to a whole new level!

Besides finishing this corner, I met with an IG friend, Gina DiGiovanni, that's working on a slipcover for a modern wingback chair. She's doing a white slipcover with blue piping and I think it's going to be one more element of preppy goodness. I'M SO EXCITED. If you're wondering why I'm doing white with three kids, the answer is this: I chose a slipcover instead of recovering the chair because a slipcover is washable. I'm meeting with Gina tomorrow to see the finished product and I know it's GOING TO BE FAB. One more thing I will show next week during the BIG REVEAL!

Alright, now for some more eye-candy. I added some fringe to our IKEA sofa this week. We have had this sofa 4 years now and I still love it (sadly they no longer sell this color or style). I had wanted a new one only because Clementine has chewed some small holes in it but that wasn't in the budget so I decided to rejuvenate it a bit. I'm always brainstorming where I can add fringe but usually it just doesn't feel right. This time though, fringe felt VERY right.

I was inspired by sofas like this one from Danielle Rollins, one of my fav designers:

But first, here is our sofa in our house in Iowa, notice the legs:

After the last ORC:

And a little sneak peek from this morning:

It just goes to show you how a sofa can transition and look different in different spaces with just a few styling changes!

Wanna know the best part?! This fringe was only $30 and it really goes a long way in the style department! I had wanted to make this sofa look more traditional and less modern and the fringe helped with that 100%. The tapered legs were one of the main pieces that gave it a mid-mod look and by covering them with fringe, the legs no longer show and the sofa looks like it goes all the way to the ground, which also helps make it feel more traditional. ​Plus, who can say no to fringe?!!? We are almost done with everything and just have a couple things left: Hanging the TV, hanging art on the wall behind the sofa and finishing some more wallpaper I decided to hang last minute. We plan to get it done this weekend and then I'll photograph early next week. Eeeeeeeiiii!!! Anyway, I hope you are excited to see everyone's rooms next week. I am so proud with how this room is coming together and I'm really excited to show it to you. Meet me back here next Thursday, June 25th for the final reveal! In the meantime, make sure to hit up the ORC Blog to see all the featured and guest designer's spaces this week! xoxo, ​Rachel

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