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One Room Challenge Week 4!

Last week we accomplished a lot in our One Room Challenge space-- this week, not so much. I think I'm in the "slump" phase. There's still a lot left to do but it's the hard or not-as-fun-stuff and I guess I have to mentally prepare -- psych myself up -- whatever, before I can get back into beast mode. If you want to see my plans and what I have been up to the last few weeks, here are the links:

To summarize this week, I will use two words: cornice board. I'm wondering if a lot of you may not know what this is OR if you do, you probably have horrific images flashing into your mind from the 1980s. Let me show you what you should be picturing:

Is your jaw on the floor? Because mine is. In each room I just showed you, the cornice boards completely MAKE the room. They take these rooms from great to spectacular! Now, cornice boards don't go with everyone's style and work best in traditional, preppy, or regency spaces, but BAM, they are DA BOMB (does this phrase date me?) and you should find a way to install one in your home immediately. If I was known as the designer to make the cornice board mainstream again, I would totally be OK with that.

So, at this point you are probably annoyed and want to see what I did in the ORC space this week-- I get it, I would be excited too. Without further ado.........

Here she is!!!!!!!!!!

She was a labor of love and at one point our giant cage-free bunny even took a bite of her, but she was worth all the effort and protection I could muster. She was a very strategic choice as I seek to balance my love of modern and Art Deco design with a little more Palm Beach Regency. I specifically felt like this wall needed this window treatment to add in some prep and detract from the rustic wood that has to stay as is.

If you are interested, I will be happy to post a tutorial eventually. It was fairly easy and affordable. We used insulation foam board from Home Depot (similar to Styrofoam), fabric and stick pins. By far the hardest part was getting the Greek key pattern perfect. Obviously, you could just do a simple stripe, a bold color or some fringe and make it easier on yourself but just as stunning (well, maybe ;)...).

My husband is mounting the TV on the wall as we speak, and this week I'm tying up a LOT of loose ends. I have to recover some stools, find a bamboo chair to paint, finalize pillow selections and order, hang our NEON SIGN and lots of other things I'm forgetting. It's coming together though and I'm excited to move toward that finish line!!

Make sure to go check out all the featured designers to see what they are up to this week and then send some love to all the other guest participants. See you back here next Thursday!!




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