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I am so excited to share my room with you today!! After 8 weeks of work and a few more months of planning, the day has come! I don't know if I've ever been more proud of a design. It was so much more of a challenge than I thought it would be to A) keep everything renter-friendly and B) to design with only blue, white and green. Take a trip down memory lane by clicking the above links if you want to see my process. My concept was a preppy and colorful Palm Beach vibe with plenty of pattern. It's amazing what pattern can do to disguise a basic rental!

Here's the concept I created for the space:

I'm always inspired by colorful, chic, and tropical spaces. I love a lot of white, but have three kids so I have to be strategic about that. This is one of my all-time favorite rooms that's always inspired me. Cornflower blue is my 3rd fav color after kelly green and peach/pink.

Now, here's the space right before we moved in:

The images above and below are both of the living room from different angles. The same window is depicted.

Then here is the dining nook before:

Ok, I've held you off long enough-- here she is now!!!

There are so many details I could share about today but I want to lead with recognizing the real stars of the show, my sponsors and the people who make the ORC possible. I will be back later this week with a source list and project info. So without further ado, I want to thank my fabulous sponsors that made this project doable: fabric and home decor mecca, Spoonflower and slipcover extraordinaire, Gina DiGiovanni. I would not have been able to tackle this right now had they not jumped on board with my vision. ​Spoonflower gifted me with incredible products that I am so proud to have in my home: the removable pre-pasted wallpaper, striped curtains, ink blot pillows, blue and white squiggle pillows, blue and white palm frond pillow, the green leopard pillow and the green leopard *velvet* fabric I used to recover the bench. Aside from the curtains, everything I chose was designed by the incredibly talented Danika Herrick. Each item is insanely gorgeous in person and such high-quality. Even their pillow inserts were better than any others I have had before! I LOVE this company and was so thrilled and honored to be able to work with them! And then Gina was SO gracious to give of her time to sew up the AH-MAZING blue and white slipcover for our swivel wingback chair. Isn't she the most talented?!? What was even crazier, was that she didn't even have the chair with her in order to do the cover-- she came over and made a pattern out of linen to work from. I can't even fathom that level of skills. The welting and the skirt were exactly how I envisioned and I am SO SO grateful to her! Additionally, I want to thank Better Homes and Gardens for sponsoring this event. It's way more fun with them a part of the process.... plus, I'm always partial to BHG since we are both from the same town in Iowa :) I've always loved Meredith Corp., (even envisioning myself working there when I was younger!) and have known many friends who have worked for them over the years... they're a great company that I adore! LAST BUT NOT AT ALL LEAST, I want to thank Linda from Calling it Home, the mastermind behind the ORC. She has organized this event two times a year for the last decade and I'm so thankful for her hard work. It allows so many of us to make new friends, get our work recognized, and accomplish beautiful new spaces in our homes. This year was even trickier with COVID and BLM and she honored these hard times so well with delays, extensions and support. We love you, Linda! NOW, get your lovely buns over to the ORC Blog and see the hundreds of other reveals waiting for you today! Thank you to my followers for supporting me and cheering me on, you guys are truly the best. xoxo, Rachel

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